Monday, December 19, 2011

Dilli 'o Dilli

For someone coming from north India like me, the dream espoused since childhood is Destination: DELHI. This wonderful city that I call my proxy home, is mysteriously attractive. No wonder history is strewn with accounts of it being the capital of some empire or the other. From Indraprastha to the Lutyen’s Delhi, this city has always been a hub of activity.

The modern Dilli has grown to be a multi-tasking mammoth. Not only does it house the Indian Government, but, also some of the biggest corporations of the country. A paradise for foodies with all the makings of an enchanting haven for travelers, this is one place in India that you cannot ignore.

The most intriguing thing about this place is how anyone who comes and stays here for a while, invariably becomes a Dilliwallah. I know Punjabi Dilliwallahs, Gujarati Dilliwallahs, Pahari Dilliwallahs, Bihari Dilliwallahs, Bengali Dilliwallahs... They may belong to any place, but, they love to be Dilliwallahs.

There is an inherent energy about the city that is welcoming despite the maddening traffic, annoying crowds, ingrained bhrashtachaar and shor in the city. It is this warmth that makes Delhi different from other places. Delhi has place for all, rich and poor, young and old, neta and babu, anna and non-anna, somebody and nobody.

On its 100th Birthday as the Capital of Modern India, I’d like to thank Dilli for being my second home :)